Kitchen Refurbishment Services in Beds, Herts & Cambs

From full kitchen installation to tailored renovation services

The very heart of any household would be the kitchen area, since this is the very place family members join up and consume meals after long stints at school or work. Given the significance of this particular space within the home, it’s always been vitally important to call upon effective kitchen refurbishment services that provide layouts built for sustainability and style. Our team is always looking into how they can create kitchen arrangements which bolsters productivity when carrying out daily tasks, as well as ensuring appliances are ordered for the best possible functionality.

Since we have the capacity to fully manage any kitchen refurbishment services from start to finish, there won’t be any need to call upon any external teams to assist with the completion of your project. We take the reins from the very beginning, as we are highly adept with all aspects of design, and have the experience to follow this through with the main construction stages. During the project, you can also expect our team to flex their creative spark to alter any plans as and when they can discover new ideas that have the potential to improve the final results.

What’s Included with our Kitchen Remodelling?

There are loads of ways you can add more style to your home with kitchen remodelling, and many of which are often contemporary by design. If you have decided that you would like to have a modern decor installed, then we will help you find the right lighting options and colour schemes that improve both vibrancy and tone. With full understanding of current innovation which is currently re-shaping the kitchen industry, we can also make recommendations about the technology that would have the best impact on your home. 

A range of kitchen styles

We can also supply shaker-style kitchens, which has always been a popular kitchen remodelling choice for people who prefer something that looks more traditional. Any recessed panels and cabinet frames will be measured with precision, giving you an orderly layout that exudes both sophistication and class. This simple design can be rounded off with either matt, gloss or wood grain finishes, all of which can be installed to perfection by our expert team.

Choosing RLJ to work on any kitchen remodelling means you can also look at having the best of both worlds integrated into your overall design. Taking on a universal approach, we will be able to blend some of the best traditional and contemporary solutions together so that your kitchen benefits from both approaches at the same time. Going down this route also means you have more colour and lighting options to choose from, since going down one particular course means products being installed need to fit with a very specific aesthetic.

Our kitchen services include:

  • Free site survey and quote
  • Design
  • Selection & supply of kitchen
  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Cabinet & worktop installation
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Site management

A range of kitchen styles


You can rely on our range of contemporary kitchens for that striking minimalist design which has the ability to captivate. From recessed lighting to handleless doors and the latest fashionable colours, our on-trend kitchens combine geometric shapes and clean surfaces to stunning effect.


Shaker-style kitchens exhibit the very best in traditional design, and at RLJ Installations we are experts in determining the right kind of shaker kitchen for your property. Orderly and uncluttered, we can use recessed panels and square cabinet frames to create a timeless look which exudes a beautiful simplicity. You’ll choose between matt, gloss and wood grain finishes, as we install an endlessly functional kitchen which doesn’t compromise on looks!


The universal style of kitchen design is versatile and vivacious, working in a wide range of both modern and more classical settings. From layered lighting to easy access, pullout drawers and multi-level countertops – universal design marries some of the best features from the contemporary and the traditional, offering a wide range of colour schemes to suit your home.

RLJ Installations offer you the opportunity to cut out the middleman. By slashing overheads, you can save money with an integrated kitchen remodelling package that puts you in the hands of the experts. That means you can receive better value than from the typical high-street installation, while also enjoying the benefits of a specialist kitchen design and installation team.