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Style and design that suits your home, at a price you can afford

If you have reached the point where major refurbishment work needs to be completed around your home, then our team is always ready and on hand to offer a full range of home refurbishment services to suit your needs. All we need from you is a rough idea of the project, and we will be able to draw upon years of experience to create a plan that puts the wheels into motion right away. Not only do we strive to complete any projects to the very highest of standards, but we also have a great track record of providing some of the most competitive prices found anywhere within the entire industry.

We can help you with both big and small home refurbishments

You won’t need to look anywhere else to complete any aspects of your project, since RLJ endeavour to supply everything needed for home refurbishment services. This makes the entire process far easier to control with consistent contact from our project manager, who will also be looking into what sort of materials would best suit your plans. As with any component for the work, our main objective is to deliver what you want, whilst making sure you are never spending any more than the budget you set out from the very beginning.

To ensure we can build a robust course of action for our home refurbishment services, we also supply free site surveys, which is soon followed by a comprehensive quote that details all the key parameters surrounding your project. Once you are happy with the recommendations made by our team, it will then be a simple case of booking the most appropriate time for us to come round to transform your home!

Why Hire Home Refurbishment Companies That Can’t Provide Everything?

Why hire multiple home refurbishment companies? Especially when RLJ have managed to build-up everything you could possibly need to ensure you get the results you want! Since operation began, we have slowly added more qualified tradesmen that come with the specific skills needed to ensure we are offering the whole package for any major projects. With a team that knows their respective trades like the back of their hands, we can be sure that any work will be undertaken to impeccable standards and always moving ahead proficiently in relation to any important deadlines.

We have also managed to obtain some of the most recognisable accreditation available, which demonstrates to prospective customers how we are certainly one of the many home refurbishment companies people can trust. It’s paramount that we establish a strong working relationship with anyone we serve and that they feel comfortable with how we approach certain aspects of the project, so we are always looking at how we can offer more transparency about how our business operates.

Our refurbishment services include:

  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Cabinet and worktop installation
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Decorating

Benefit from RLJ Installations’ buying power from the high street and national suppliers. This allows you to cut costs by cutting out the middle man and giving yourself access to showroom prices.

Tailored to your requirements


While we are renowned for our full house refurbishments, RLJ Installations also offers a tailored service that can undertake just one job; from a boiler supply and install to a worktop change. All it takes is a call to our friendly team, and we can supply you with a competitive, on the spot quote, and also give you an idea of expected project timelines, so you won’t be waiting around for us to begin or complete the job.

The RLJ Installations team is made up of tradesmen with nationally-recognised accreditations, offering decades of experience. Whether your home features a contemporary or classic design, you can rely on RLJ Installations to offer ideas, advice, clear planning, outstanding execution, and the best in customer service. And all of this at super competitive rates. We offer style and design that suits your home, at a price you can afford.

Contact us about our home refurbishment service, or if you need some advice on your house refurbishment.

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